Проход по ссылкам навигации

Navigator Realty, Ltd is an IT-company founded in 2003. The company offers Navigator, a state-of-the-art multilisting system (MLS) which provides both large real estate agencies and private realtors with up-to-date information on more than 45000 objects being advertised in mass media.

The wealth of information in a database which is being updated on an hourly basis covers three main segments of the real estate market, namely apartments in Moscow and Moscow Region, offices and other commercial real estate objects in Moscow, country houses in regions, adjacent to Moscow.

The highest level of data comprehension is achieved by ergonomically designed graphical user interface and embedded detailed map of Moscow and Moscow Region which allows end user to locate the object of interest against surrounding buildings and streets just in one click. In addition, to complete the image of advertised real estate object, each building on the map is accompanied by its photographs taken from different look angles.

Efficient on-line technical support of the system is provided by successful team of programmers, web-designers, managers and engineers who are always ready to answer any question concerning any aspect of MLS Navigator: from clarifying basic functionality of the system to solving challenging problem relating system installation in large corporate networks.

Working in the Moscow MLS market segment for years, Navigator Realty, Ltd has become a de facto leader owing to effective mixture of high technology used in its software solution, and guaranteed feedback of the highest quality for each customer.